Hi. I am in love with some bedding I saw on Pinterest. The comforter/duvet is a beautiful teal blue with large red,pink, and yellow flowers. Underneath the pin was "Cush and nooks via Interior Porn". I was hoping you could help me find some information on the bedding and if it is available to purchase. I appreciate anything you can tell me! Thank you!

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Is this it? I can’t tell you where to get it, actually I think I posted that a long time ago so it may be hard to find a buyable one, but maybe you could ask Vic Bibby, Cush and Nook's blogger, she may guide you. But I have two suggestions of places where you may find similar ones: urban outfiters and zara home. Both stores usually have these kind of floral duvets. Tell me if you found something you liked or your first love duvet!:) Good luck!*

edit: dear followers, thank you! It seems to be really from H&M. Sorry anonymous:/