Democ­racy is the worst form of gov­ern­ment, except for all the oth­ers.

This blog is not political or an expression of my political opinions, but I’m going to use it to persuade you to vote if you live in Europe. It is important even if you think it won’t make a difference. Imagine if all the people who usually don’t vote decided to do it, how stronger our democracies could be. Even if you are skeptic about it (and there are reasons to) don’t leave this matter for others to decide. Some people are counting with your apathy to do whatever they want. 

I see the tumblr community very committed to justice, respect for others and freedom. I’ve learned a lot with all of you and became more sensitive and more informed about so many matters that being part of this platform was and is valuable even if it was just for that. And that’s the spirit I would like to evoke. 

I’m using this platform and asking you to at least consider about voting.

Get information about why it matters: Big issues in European Election

The quote seems to be from Churchill.

Thank you*