have you heard of the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco? (not sure where in the world you're from so perhaps not) but if so, do you know anything about their interior design program? I'm considering going there but tuition is crazy expensive and I want to make sure it's worth it. or do you know of any other interior design schools with raving reviews?

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Hi there!:)

I’m in Europe and I barely know the schools here ^_^ But if someone knows about this school please share it with us or Carolyn in particular. 

Tuition is crazy expensive in most interior design/art schools unfortunately and there are not enough scholarships:/ Try to find students from there and ask about their experience or even ask designers. From my experience I can tell that many interior designers are very approachable if you ask for advice (unless they are super famous probably ^_^). So try to see if there are interior designers who came from that school or try to find where designers you admire studied:) 

Good luck!:D


  1. eightaout said: thanks so much!
  2. mynameisarrakis said: There are a lot of state colleges that offer a really good ID degree. I’m going to Weber State in Utah right now for a bachelor’s and am really very impressed, and the tuition is reasonable.
  3. legayginger said: SF is crazy expensive. I mean I don’t personally go there but I know many people who have considered it, though not necessarily for interior design. Point is, there’s plenty of other options honestly. SF isn’t the only Academy of Art.
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