1. indigualistic said: that means no style:)
  2. happyharvee said: I think over sized furniture, textile/pattern mixing, and comfort as the first priority.
  3. american-a-broad said: Mid century homes, modern wood touches. Anything in Sunset magazine ha
  4. thetoymakers said: I live in Southern California and the biggest thing I can think of is outdoor rooms. no bugs, ocean breezes, perfect weather = patios. We eat outside, garden and relax there. Also mission style furniture and Eames. <3
  5. spoo-ki said: I think that there’s a real BIG difference between “west coast” and Pacific Northwest style. California/Arizona/Nevada have a significantly different style that Washington and Oregon do.
  6. mon-alis-a said: The Eames house!
  7. make-them-see said: Stucco, lots of bright colors, vintage paintings and knick-knacks, mismatched furniture that works in a cool, fun way. (I’m just thinking of my ideal San Francisco place!)
  8. thatcoloradosunshine said: I think of very open spaces with either modern furniture or bohemian vibes.
  9. large-explosion said: beach and sufers and palm trees~ I’d say either a spanish-style house designs comes to mind or the typical uber modern malibu mansion.
  10. justducky0423 said: Lots of windows, wood, earthy, beachy, and cozy.
  11. babeanator said: Boho. Vintage. Beachy. Modern.
  12. stuckintheclimb said: Lots of wood, greens & blues, sea glass, cedar & evergreen, dark colors with pale highlights. Pacific Northwest :)
  13. historytellsastory said: Modern, clean lines, simple, contemporary. Sometimes an unexpected color or item, large abstract pieces of art and often a blend of a zen meets beach aesthetic. This often lends itself to a very casual style.
  14. beewalker said: Dwell magazine!
  15. twenty-trois said: Unfinished woods, beachy, pastely light colors, long floating window treatments, huge windows, “boho”
  16. david-lynch said: Really large windows, sun-driven, faded colors, interiors that are heavy on the wood, wide-open spaces, sort of laid back, easy-going furnishings…I’m not really interior-savvy, lol. I hope this helps.
  17. libra17 said: I think its open concepts such as being able to see the beach in your backyard while standing at the front door, bringing nature inside (hardwood, rich earth tones, etc), keeping the decor light in summer states (Cali) & heavier in winter states (WA)
  18. redesignedmind said: Beachy, laid-back palettes and styles. Soft colors and materials; urban details mixed in with boho prints, perhaps. Also depends on which specific regions you’re looking at.
  19. shroudedandpale said: (when i think of west coast i mean northern west)
  20. eisenbergandelephants said: like…more relaxed, more boho i guess, more beachy. it’s hard to say. there’s a very big disconnect between california and then oregon and washington. it’s like two separate coasts except not. doe sthat make sense?
  21. princess-steppenwolf said: i think of the famous farrah fawcett photo (mexican blankets), large windows with the ocean right outside, warm colours, unfinished wood furnishings, green houseplants, laid back styles
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